Two reasons you need a new e-commerce platform

Do you remember when you first searched for an e-commerce platform? You likely did a lot of reading before picking your current e-commerce platform. But what happens when you start having problems with the platform? Or imagine losing sales because your platform cannot scale? All these, among others, are scary situations that some online traders have found themselves in at one point in their lives and if you have not been a victim of the same, then there are two reasons as to why you should start thinking about upgrading your e-commerce platform before it is too late.

Your website and e-store are on different systems

When you are starting out, you have limited funds and are trying to spend as little as possible when making purchases or renting services, and it is highly likely that your website is built on one platform while your e-commerce outlet is formed on another.

Fast-forward to when you started running your e-commerce side of the business. You likely did not think about how you needed to link it into your website. A lot of decisions in business are based on minimum viable concepts that allow one to different ideas out and see whether they work.

Your current platform is a hosted platform

When you are in the early stages of setting up and running your business, the chances are that you are often looking for the easiest and cheapest ways to get started. Having limited finances or merely operating on a strict budget, chances are that you will go for an e-commerce platform that is cheap and rarely pay attention to vital issues like the features the site has and the amount of support it proposes to give you once you subscribe, and that’s where you start facing operational challenges.

By choosing the wrong platform, you will be forced to consider running your site on two separate platforms and at the same time, spend more on adding new plugins and features as your business grows. But this does not have to be. Basically, by picking the right platform from the start, you can easily avoid all these.

Basically, realizing that the e-commerce solution you picked cannot scale with your business is a scary thing. Just when you are starting to consolidate your client base and make more profits, you are surprised with the realization that you need a new solution is not something to be happy about. Thus, to avoid all these, it is advisable to always think through what you see your business doing in the next 2 to 4 years.


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